Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Day With My Kidos!!!!!!!!

Hello Everyone
Today's post has NOTHING to do with our adoption journey and EVERYTHING to do with being silly, daring, and some might describe stupid. When I say stupid I do mean ME the one who had NO business participating in her kids special playtime today. I started out being a spectator but after watching my kids having so much fun I aloud the flesh to take over and quickly found myself at the top of the stairs. So as I'm sitting at the top of the stairs ready to take off I conveince myself I can do this once and I will be fine. Even after developing a headache from the one run down, did that stop me....NO. I was hooked!!! I went back to the top of the stairs again but this time added some extra weight with the help of my daughter crawling inside the sleeping bag with me. Now I've taken two trips bouncing vigirously down the staircase and feeling even worse mind you...did I stop?...NOOOOO of course not!!!! I must be fair to both my kids right? Now as my exit trick I will add even more weight to the trick and take my son down with me. As you can see in our photo (the evidence) we went much faster and it scared and hurt more then the first two times. We reached the bottom of the stairs and every area of my body hurt tremendously. So now even though my back, neck, and head are killing me I will answer the question that is probably racing in your head...Does she regret what she did? NOOOOOOO I don't, not at ALL! It was fun while it lasted, I made my WHOLE family laugh so hard we ALL cried, but most importantly I gave them a memory of me they will never forget Fun, Crazy with a side of STUPID!!!! Have a great day everyone see you tomorrow...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Loving Gifts

Yesterday was sweet. The Treanor Fam handed off the care package for our princess. On Friday Fried Rice (her stuffed dog) and the letter with pictures of us will get on a plane and take a long trip to a distant foreign land. I pray that it is delivered into her hands by someone who will take the time to explain everything to a little girl who doesn't understand or know who we are and what the whole adoption thing really means. I pray that the Holy Spirit visits her and helps her to understand so she isn't scared. I pray that she receives us well as she looks at the pictures of her forever family. Please pray these things along with our family...AMEN

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Care Package

Today we have put together a care package to send to Alicia. Included is a stuffed animal dog named, Fried Rice, a girly journal with appropriate matching pen and then the best pieces... a personal letter from us introducing ourselves as her forever family along with pictures of all of us...including our cat Mocha. We are so over joyed that we FINALLY get to tell her who we are and that we love her so much. Please pray with us that our friend, who is delivering it for us, will be able to get it to her personally.

Here are pics of our package:

So off we go to deliver this into the hands of our friend that I pray will be able to hand deliver it to her....good bye for now

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Video of Pictures

Last night my daughter Cecilia worked very hard at putting together a video of all the pictures we have of our Chinese princess Alicia. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch the video. Before clicking on the video make sure to click pause on the pink the my music box below the video so that you can hear the song on the picture video. Enjoy watching her life as we know it to be.....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blessed Beyond Belief!!!!!!!!!

Today is a blessed beyond belief day...especially since we have been walking through several days of warfare. Eric and I have been bearing witness to Satan really being MAD at the Treanor family...We say GOOD, AMEN, GLORY TO GOD for that!!!!!! If Satan's mad then we are doing good for God's Kingdom. YAY score one for the Treanor Fam!!!!
In these last several days well no I need to say these last several weeks Satan has been causing repair issues on our home. First it's a wall in our daughter's room that has to be completely torn down and redone from a crack that is going ALL the way from ceiling to floor...CHA-CHING!! Next I came home (after ladies In the Morning breakfast 2 weeks ago)to find that we have had a leak going on under our kitchen sink (secretly) that found it's way straight down and out to our wood flooring and finally announce it's self to us with warped and buckled wood. My first though was are you kidding me!??!!! My next thought (as I was on my knees cleaning the mess up under the sink) was just laughter. God showed me who was responsible for this mess and so I then broke out into laughter while telling Satan NO!!! you aren't going to win... I will keep fighting!! Our last strike from Satan came to us last Thursday when our AC went out. At this point I did start to panic and get upset. This isn't something that you can just put on your "To Do List" and get to it when you have the money. You need AC in the middle of the summer. So Saturday afternoon we where finally able to get someone out here to look at it. It was what we were afraid of...we need a new coil... CHA-CHING!! Monday morning we get a call on how much it will be... $1400..OUCH!!! Our hearts are broken now because this means we have to use money that we have been working hard to save for our adoption. All I can think about is the things that we sacrificed as a family (vacation, daily outings) to put that money away. We have no choice though we have to get it fixed. So we agree to everything and are told it will be Wednesday morning til they can get it done. Man, two more days and two more nights of this. Thank you Jesus for unusually cool temps. Tuesday morning we get a call from Eric's boss (who took upon himself to check out another business) that he has found a place to do the same work but for $350 less. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! PRAISE YOU LORD!! So all in all we got the AC fixed Wednesday morning and are loving the sound of cool air blowing through the vents. So this was blessing #1 from my sweet Savior.

Blessing #2 came to us last night. We have been given an opportunity to send something to our Alicia. We have been able to do this a couple of times already but this time is very different. This time we get to send pictures of us (sharing with her who we are), we get to send a letter telling her, "We love you Princess!!" How sweet is that? How precious is that gift? I only pray that we can put our heart onto paper. That we can share us with her in a way that she understands and receives us as we truly are....a family that loves her dearly.

Blessing #3 just shows truly how much God loves us, that we are doing what He wills for us, and how powerful He just is. I went to get the mail today and what did I find in the mail but a letter from Eric's brother (the executor of their father's estate) with a check enclosed(from a sale of the estate) that not only covers the cost of the AC bill but extra, quit a bit extra. This is my sweet Savior's way of saying, "I got it all under control and I will make sure that EVERY detail is taken care of perfectly. My grace is sufficient for you. Lean on me and I will see you through." Yes He is and Yes He will...Amen

With all of the many details falling into to place lately I truly feel deep in my heart that Eric and I will leave soon to bring our Chinese Princess home.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Great Times!!!!!!

This is an old post that I forgot publish. I actually wrote it on July 20th.

Last night Eric and I got to spend a wonderful evening with two amazing women of God. One of them works for Show Hope and the other one has been on a missions trip to Luoyang, China (where our daughter is from). The both of them have met and spent time with our Alicia and both of them have fallen in love with her. It's a great gift from God when you get to sit and hear stories about a girl you've never met before but love so much. At the same time it's also hard to hear descriptions of where she lives. This time with my new friends could easily be described as bitter sweet I guess. We bid a big thank you to our new friends for not only sharing about our daughter with us but also treating us to some great Asian cuisine... Good food+ Good friends= GREAT TIMES!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Matching Grant Update and other Fund Raising

We have to date now received $1,840 (of $4,000 that's needing to be raised and will be matched dollar for dollar by Aug 27th)to our matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans and Grace Chapel. Thank you too ALL that have contributed to it. Every dollar given is being matched and so we are that much closer to bringing Alicia home. As you can see on our personal fundraising account...CHIPIN (Scroll down to icon on bottom right) we have received $550 and adding this to our personal savings we have $2,200. This money will help Eric and I when we are actually in China with expenses that aren't covered by the matching grant funds.
On behalf of our whole family we thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts. In your obedience to God's calling on your heart you will be blessed greatly by our loving Father.

A Time of Many Emotions

Today my heart is filled with mixed emotions. I'm full of praise because I have a Savior that loves me as far as the east is from the west, a husband that will go to great length to care for me and our children, two (almost three) beautiful children, and a member of a church that truly is the body of Christ. Every day that I walk through the doors of Grace Chapel I'm immediately touched by Jesus' hand touching deep into my heart and soul. I'm surrounded by many friends that love and support me right where I am at that moment in time. When I leave through the outer doors I'm a changed person after hearing an incredible sermon spoken from our Father through our obedient Pastor Steve Berger. On Wednesday night Pastor Steve taught us about intercessional prayer. He spoke of three characteristics that you would find in a person that knows how to pray in this manner. (This is where my emotions become mixed up). The one characteristic that has stuck with me is agony. This one is the one that I've been wrestling with in my heart during prayer time and didn't know what was going on in me. When I'm in my prayer for our Chinese Princess I'm brought to a place that is hard to sit in, that is hard to understand, that is hard to pray through (at times), that is hard to come out of. I know that God has me there because I'm to identify (another one of the three characteristics) with at some level what my daughter lives in on a daily basis...but is that really possible? Can I ever have a good taste of how my daughter feels living where she lives, what she is thinking? Will I ever be ale to understand even a little of how this has effected her? Will Eric and I be able to help her heal from the scars that have formed deep inside her soul. The only way that we can ever have a shot is through Jesus. He is our ultimate Physician!!!!! Our Healer and Redeemer!!!!!!!!! Today I cried out to Him..... that He make things right for her, that He take me down to her level of agony, that He teach me and prepare me so I can identify with her, agonize with her, and then lastly bring her to a place of authority (the third and final characteristic) where we can all (as a family) stand strong knowing that she has won this battle in her life. With all these things being said...I ask for you to intercede and pray on behalf of our family and all the orphaned children of the world. We have a battle (along with many other families) to continue fighting and Satan is trying to take us (along with other families)down because he doesn't like the work that we are doing for God's Kingdom

I ask for prayer on these things:

1) our son has had two seizures now in the last 10 days. I know this is Satan trying to bring me down through my son. Please agree with me in prayer that I won't stop fighting the fight. Also please pray for healing in my son.

2)The the Lord's hands of protection surround Eric when he is at work. He recently had a very dangerous day at work that could have ended in great tragedy but Jesus interceded....Praise Him.

3)That the paperwork involved in all adoptions across the world get done speedily and all the orphans be given their families and all the childless couples be made parents.

I ask all of these things in Your Mighty, Mighty, Mighty name JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In AAAHH of My Savior's Hand

Today I sit here trying to find the words to relate the amazing work of my Savior's hand. He is so sweet and kind, so generous and loving to a level that has always been so unimaginable. Today my Savior shared a glimps of His sweet, kind, generous, love He has for me and my family through the almighty American dollar. You know how He tells us that He will always provide you with all your needs? My Savior does more then our needs on a daily basis but even an over abundance with our adoption. OK your probably getting tired of me going on and on and want to know exactly what He has done. Here we go.... we got an update today on our matching grant that we've been awarded through LifeSong for orphans and Grace Chapel (our church). In just one week since our support letters went out we have had 6 contributors totalling $1,440. Now here's even a bigger piece of the I mentioned it's a matching grant so that $1,440 already raised is actually $2,880. WOW!!! In just one week!!!! So now I'm going to top the big piece of pie with some whip cream. We also have a personal fundraising account on this blog(This will help pay for our food and other day to day expenses while we are in China, that the grant doesn't cover). That account just received a donation from a complete stranger that some how found his/her way onto our blog and being moved enough by our story gave to our cause. BIGGER WOW!!!! Now here's the cherry on top of the big piece of pie topped with whip cream...the money that's come into our matching grant, one of the contributors gave $1,000. This man has a huge, incredible heart for orphans and I don't say that because he gave all this money I say this because I've watched him put his blood, sweat and tears into bringing awareness to these precious children of God. I keep his name to myself because he does it not for the fame of this world but to give fame and glory to something much bigger and better....My Jesus!!! Thank you, my private friend, for all that you do for these children, for loving our little princess so much, but most important, for loving our Father with such a deep passion....

Thank you God for loving, caring, and giving so much to our family. I know that Your presence is deep not only in our hearts but also in the hearts of our friends and loved ones around us...thank you Lord Jesus,thank you... In you name I pray this to you...Amen

Monday, July 13, 2009

Uneventful Week

Last week was uneventful when it relates to our adoption. If you ask my family they would tell you that we all stayed pretty busy. Swim team wrapped up with our last meet, our dear friends Sammye and Steve welcomed home their new granddaughter Elizabeth from China, and we attended a farewell cookout for a good friend who is leaving for West Point in just 3 days. This week we will be working on house projects (YAY fun!!!) Eric says I'm hitting that nesting phase. Our new princess may not be growing in my tummy but I still am always wanting to clean, redo, and/or clear out areas of the house. You just deisre for everything to look pretty and clean when you bring that new addition into their new home. Well off I go to hand my hubby his "honey do list".... Hope to have some big news the next time I post.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New button!

You can grab the code below (just copy and paste) to add to your own blog, myspace, or facebook! Help us spread the word about our princess!!

The code will produce this on your website:
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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Today passes and no word comes from our agency. These days are hard because you feel as though your not accomplishing anything for a girl that needs so much. Luckly my God is good at reminding me that every day I think about her it then leads me to begin to pray for her, I begin to pray for the people caring for her, I begin to pray for the other kids in the orphanage that she calls sisters and brothers and that is doing something for her.....that is doing a lot for her.
Lord I thank you for the moments that you bring Alicia to mind so I then pray for my princess. Thank you for being so precise in how perfect every detail must be before we are called to bring her home. Please continue to craddle her in Your arms and whisper Your words of peace and love into her heart. Thank you sweet Jesus for loving her and all the other orphans. Raise up the workers oh God to care for these sweet children. May more parents be obediant to Your call to adopt them. Give them courage and provide the funds needed We thank you Lord for all that You do.....In your name.....Amen
Good night to all..

Monday, July 6, 2009

I will praise you Lord

Hello All
I'm sorry we haven't posted in several days. Eric and I had an very eventful weekend with our son. We had to take him into the ER late Saturay night (due to a childhood illness) and needless to say we are all still trying to catch up on rest. With all that went on, that night, God's peace and love was all over the situation and I continue to praise Him for that today. Some of you may know but others may not know the difficultness that comes with having a child with an illness. When they are first diagnosed your life as you know it is changed forever. You don't know if you will ever get back to normal. You think that life will have control of you from now on. You believe that this all will last forever. But then you call on a Savior that is Sovereign, is loving, is full of mercy and grace and all of a sudden you can breath again and you see that life doesn't have control of you... Jesus is the one in control. PRAISE YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!! Even with this incident on Saturday I know that He is in control. I may not like the fact that we have problem days along the way but I will always cling to Him in the good and the bad. As the coach in the movie "Facing the Giants" says, "We will praise Him when we win and we will praise Him when we lose." and Peter tells us in 1Peter 4:11; in all things God may be praised.

Today I received new pics of our princess. I usually love to get new pics of her because it enlightens me, my love for her grows deeper and I simple love to just look at another pic of her. Well these pics didn't do that today. They made me sad. They made my heart break. She wasn't smiling in any of them. She was just standing there stairing into the camera. Because she isn't herself in them I choose not to post them. I choose to share the true side of my princess... spunky, happy...the queen of the orphanage. I did come to find out that she along with the other girls, in the photo, were sad because some of their friends were adopted into their forever families and now leaving. I ask you to please pray for these children. It must be very difficult and hard to understand why your friends have left. I pray now that all of their hearts are filled with our Father's love and peace and that all fear and sadness be gone in the name of Jesus......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday cake and Blessings to our Princess

Last night was amazing. Cecilia and Konrad had a great time making Alicia's cake. I was very pleased to observe the both of them working so well together. As you can see in the pictures my family enjoyed not only celebrating but eating the half pink icing and half whipcream yellow cake. My boys don't care for icing so we made a family compromise so all could enjoy. In one of the pics you see my fam doing the famous peace sign. They did this in honor of all the kidos at our orphanage that make this sign in almost every pic we have seen of them.

As I say goodbye for now I must tell our Princess Happy Birthday one more time....we love you and can't wait to celebrate your next one with you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Chinesse Princess

Today, July 1st is my Alicia's birthday. Oh how I wish we could celebrate with her but we will just have to wait til next year. For this year though we will be celebrating stateside. The Treanor Fam will enjoy some cake and icecream in honor of our Chinesse Princess this year.
Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday sweet princess...Happy Birthday to you. We love you sweet girl!!!