Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on the Girl's Room

I know I promised pictures of the girl's room last week...but we just got things in some decent order yesterday so we haven't been able to finish all the decorating yet. When I can get it to where it is presentable to be seen by the public I will definitely post it to the rest of the world. Until then you will just have to wait for the unveiling...sorry I've hit a WHOLE new level of OCD these days. If you don't believe me you should just ask my hubby. I'm sure he would love to tell you all about how I've been driving him crazy with trying to make everything clean and pretty for my new daughter (and also my sanity). Would you guess I've started my nesting phase now??? YEEP my family thinks so. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time to Get Visa Stamps

Today we sent all 4 passports of to Washington DC to get our Visa stamps for China. So yes that makes us one more step closer to going to China. How stinking cool is that???? YEEEESS, YAAAAAAAAAAAY, WAAAAAHOOOOO BAAABBBY!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on China send those travel arrangements. We are so ready to get our butts on that plan and start flying high with ANY international airlines. We should be getting that news in the next 2 weeks.

We took all our needed items to UPS and when all was put into the mailing envelope the kids and I gave the package kisses (for good luck) before letting our precious, very important items go into the hands of many strangers. There will be many people who will handle this package and so we are praying that all of them return safely to our hands quickly. Will let you know when they return....

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Precious Phone Call

Tonight we got to talk to Michael. For those who don't know about Michael let me tell you. He is the most wonderful, incredible, sweetest man of God. Most of the time I just want to squeeze him like a big teddy bear. We Treanors just adore this man. We also owe a lot to this man. Michael, along with our dear friend Sammye, is the one who introduced us to these kids, our daughter. He has been working with the kids for the last 3+ years. He is the one who gave her the American name Alicia.
Eric and I look forward to years of close relationship with him. He is not only special to us but he is a great life line to our princess. For you Luoyang parents you know how precious a gift it is to be able to talk to him about your child.

We are still working on the girl's room so we don't have our after pictures ready to post yet. Hopefully we will get things finished this week and have them up next week...we can hope :) :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Season,,,New Look

OK so I decided to change things up and sport a new look. It was hard to do because I loved my old design. A sweet friend of mine worked so hard and did such a great job on it all. But as we see and feel a new season come upon us I found it appropriate to do as season do, change.

Today has been a glorious day...Eric and I started and yes we finished painting the girl's room. As we were begining to get a good start on the job I had to duck out on my hubby to go run an errand. When I returned, I walked into the room to find two walls covered in the new color. I couldn't believe what I was looking at not only Cecilia's new room but soon, very soon Alicia's also. WOOOW!!!! I had to take a step back and then found myself on my knees with tears trickling down my face. This is really finally happening...she's coming home. She's finally going to be my daughter. Eric and I shared another moment of blissful joy but only for a moment for we had to get back to work. Back to work we went with great muscle (especially my hubby). I'm proud to say that we did get it done...YEEEAAAHH!!! I will show you a before pic but you will have to wait til everything is back in place for the after photo...stay tune...

Friday, October 16, 2009

We Completed Another Step!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK only have a few seconds to put this out for all to know .....we just got our needed document from Homeland Security (UCSIS) for China to now schedule our court dates and formally invite us to come and get our girl...WWWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

As things stand we will now wait for China to send us our Travel Arrangements (TA) in about 3 weeks and then we should travel 3 more weeks after that. Estimated time frame is 4-6 weeks from now we will be in China....YYYYYYESSSSS..praise you Lord...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Sweet and Precious Day from the Lord (from Sunday)

The Lord Jesus is sweet. The Lord Jesus is precious. The Lord Jesus is loving. The Lord Jesus is perfect in His creation of each day and boy did He give us a day of all these adjectives. Since the last post from today our day just kept getting better so I wanted to share what happened after the fundrasing lunch earlier today.

Our day first started out with hard work but great blessing in return at our fundraising lunch. We came home to rest our barking dogs for just a moment before we were out the door again to our home group. This group is new for us, we've only been going to this group for a few weeks. I tell you this because of a sweet moment that Eric and I experienced through the host family's 5 y/o daughter Mabry. What a precious child of God is she. Jesus has a tight hold on this little girl and what a gift we were given from God to be the bearers of a gift through her.

Mabry helped her mother earlier in the week make brownies for our fundraising lunch (I'm guessing this is where she learned about our adoption of Alicia). Anyway, the Treanor family was moving out the door after when Mabry came to me and in a very soft voice said that she wanted to give me some money. I bent down to her level and said to her, "What Mabry, I didn't hear what you said?" she repeated, "I would like to give you this $ to help you bring your daughter home. I hope this helps bring her home faster." I WAS SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!! This sweet, kindhearted, little girl obviously heard Jesus speak to her heart. She heard Him speak and she acted on it obediently. I stood there still speechless but now with tears streaming down my face telling her, "Jesus is deep in your heart...don't you ever let Him out. That giving spirit that you have comes from God and don't you ever change." she then looked at me with her big but tender eyes and said very softly, "OK."

I believe I cried the whole way home that night. How sweet and caring is our Father that He cares so much about every detail of each blessing He gives you that He makes sure we see Him well inside each blessing. I came home and immediately taped that dollar bill up on our bathroom mirror so I can look at it often and remember the sweetness of my Savior through the heart of a precious little girl. That dollar bill is a wink from God. That dollar bill is worth more then the thousands that have been raised over this last year. God uses all his children to show His heart... to show His miracles. Yes God even uses little 5 y/o girls in Spring Hill, TN in the year 2009 to perform His miracles.

If this wasn't enough from the Lord for one day he just continued to give. We came home to find 2 wonderful emails. The first one was one from our friend Michael, that used to work in the orphanage, with our girl. He told us that he had talk to her, on the phone, that night. She shared with Michael that she knew about us and knew we coming for her soon. She actually gave a specific date but I will wait on sharing that with everyone. Just want to see if the Lord has something to do with her getting this specific date in her head or if she came up with it another way.

Our second email was from a mom who just returned from adopting her daughter. She sent us these amazing up close pictures. She told us that God told her to take these pictures. She didn't know that she was our daughter. She didn't know if she was one of the ones to be adopted. She just heard God speaking to her. These pictures are amazing. I've always said that she is a real beauty but my goodness...she is strikingly beautiful. I can only get one to copy over to my blog. Unfortunately it isn't the best on but it's still good.Eric and I say that we can see through her eyes straight down to her soul.

Sunday October 10th will definitely go down in our books as one of best days we've had this past year. Well at least until we get to go to China and have our "Gotcha Day"
Thank you again to ALL our friends and family for your support today. We love you all so much and look forward to sharing the end of this journey with you....

Sunday Fundraiser

Today was absolutely incredible. God left us in AWWWWW with the hands that helped us work. A big thank you to Greg Buzek, Jerry and Corrine Remus, Bonnie Brio, Tracy Mihnovich, Stacy Crouch and girls, Kim and Hope Conrad, Sammye and Steve Lee, Wayne and Sally Woods, Kathy Wood, Michelle Hicks and family, my mommy, Barbara Baines, Tim, Phil and Beth Stoner, and all the people that donated desserts.

The Lord was so good in bringing people in to eat, bid on the raffle and some just donated to our cause. The day was a GREAT success and I can honestly say that after God it couldn't have been with out the love and support of an amazing body of Christ.

As for any new news there is nothing new to update. We are still waiting for our final approval from Homeland Security. We hope it will be here this week. After that approval China will get together our Travel Arrangements (TA) and tell us when we can come get our "Princess." Until then please continue to pray that there are no delays with the end stages of this process.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fundraising Lunch Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our fundraising lunch at our church. We have done all that we can do to prepare the field, the soil for harvest... so now Eric and I will sit back and watch all the amazing fruit (blessings) that our sweet Father will gift to us tomorrow afternoon, on top of many blessings He has already given us through our preparation for this event.

Along with serving lunch tomorrow we will also have some gift cards to some great restaurants, bath products from a wonderful local business, and gift certificates for several one hour massages up for raffle. Did I mention that all these items were donated...yea awesome is that? Well let me tell you how more awesome it gets. Several friends and members of our church have donated the food items of for this lunch. And the blessings just keep poring in folks.

Tonight I sit here in AWWWWWWWWWWWW of His love for me, for my family, for my Alicia. Thank you Jesus for Your sweet love. Lord, may tomorrow Glorify your name, your Kingdom, YOU...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Week of Work

This week is filled with preparations for our fundraiser lunch. On this Sunday, October 11th we are serving lunch after 2nd service at our church Grace Chapel to help raise funds for this adoption. We will be serving an appetizing spaghetti plate and dessert for $5 adults and $3 kidos. We are also hoping to have a few raffle items to help bring in a few more bucks too. Come on out and have a nice meal along with some great time of fellowship...hope to see you there. :):)