Monday, June 29, 2009

New Pics Today

If you have just come onto my new blog please refer back to June 2009 (first post for the Treanor Family) which is the begining of our story on our journey of adoption.
Today was kind of an uneventful day until I was blessed with some new pics of our princess.
To get new pics of her is such a treasure to me for a few reasons:

first: my love for her grows deeper,
second: I have more to put in an album so that I can have some kind of baby book for her when we do finally get her home
third: it's just plain AWESOME
Look at her face and tell me she's not beautiful...that she doesn't melt your heart.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Post for the Treanor Fam!!!!

Good Morning to All
I sit here at my desk stairing at the computer screen asking myself..."How do I start this first blog, what do I say?" I tried to do this last night and failed at getting anywhere so I turned off the computer, walked away, and went to bed. As I was falling asleep I started thinking about my evening and how special it was. Then it hit me BOOM.... share that, talk about that!! So here I go this is how I got to spend last night. My evening was spent at the Nashville airport watching a dear and precious couple bring home their son from the Ukraine. They have been on their adoption journey about the same time that my husband (Eric) and I have and now the final chapter of their story was completed last night. It was a sweet moment to stand back and watch all the people that came to witness this family unite together, once again, more complete now then just seven months ago. When my friends had had enough and were ready to go home, mom came to give me a hug goodbye and said, "No more blogs....he's here now." That statement rang in my head last night and that's when the BOOM!! hit me. Her blogging days are finished and so I think it's my turn to pick up at the keyboard where she has stopped and now FINALLY start blogging the Treanor family journey. So now I'm going to begin... well right after I give this all to the One who put us on this journey to begin with my Abba Father.
Amy, I loved how you started your blogging. Giving it first to the One who is to get all the praise and glory so I would l like to do the same..
Lord Jesus, You are the One who set Eric and I on this path, on this journey and so we first give all praise and honor to you for choosing us to be adoptive parents (for those adoptive parents out there you understand what a blessing it is to be choosen to do this for His Kingdom). We thank you for the people You have brought into our lives since we started this journey and we also thank you for the people that have been there from the beginning. These friendships alone are such treasures for Eric and I. From day one we have given each day to you and asked you to help walk us through each minute (some days each second) and you have done without fail...thank you Jesus. Today we do the same...we give this day to you and ask you first, lay next to our daughter, as she goes to sleep, craddle her in your arms through out the night. Help prepair her heart to receive us when we are finally are able to go bring her home to her forever family. Secondly, be the author of this blogg... may I only be the transcriber of Your words...Thank you Lord again for this incredible journey you have us on...May You and You alone receive all the HONOR and GLORY for it...Amen
Now after all of this long blog I will tell a little of our story. I hope your still with me. Eric and I started this journey back in November of 2008. At that time we were just praying about what God wanted to do in our lives and telling Him that we wanted whatever His will was for us. One night at a friends house He showed us. We got to hear the stories of some amazing kids. After some more prayer and patience to hear Him tell us what we were to do, we found ourselves on what we like to call.... a journey of great blessings. So now I will jump ahead and lay out what he has done for us since we started ths process. Keep in mind that we were called to do this at the beginning of the holidays so we didn't really get a good start on our process until after New Years. When God wants something in your life and you accept it watch out because He can make things happen VERY quickly....
January 2009: we start our Home study and begin gathering paperwork
February 2009: Homestudy complete
February-April: we gather more paperwork for dosseir
April 4th- fingerprinted by Homeland Security
April 15th-approval letter from Homeland Security received (WOW that was fast!!!)
May 19th-We send letter of acceptance to China
June 1st- PA (Peliminary Approval) from China YEAAAAA!!!!!!
June 22nd -LID (Log in Date) WAAHOOOOO!!!!!
June 28th- We finally make our first blog posting
So here we are, a family of four on a "journey of many blessings" having gotten very far in a short amount of time due to an AMAZING and GRACIOUS ABBA FATHER!
We will say goodbye for now because it is time to go to church so we can worship and praise Him.
As we do say goodbye we would like to remember a wonderful young man of God who went to be with Jesus earlier this week. After service today we get to honor and celebrate his life. Brandon was a young man that many would describe as a man deeply devoted to God. To Brandon's family we give our condolences and say how truly sorry we are for your lose.
In Him,
Eric and Suzie Treanor