Tuesday, November 24, 2009

China Bound

I can only say a few words at this point because we are busy, busy with many things to get done because we are going to China!!!!!!!!!!! We are leaving in 13 days so no time to elaborate right now. Just know that the Treanor family is getting an ultimate Christmas gift this year..... WAAAAHHHOOOO!!!! Off to run errands....see YA!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

No TA This Week

Another week as ended and unfortunately it wasn't our week to receieve out TA (travel approval). Please help us pray that it comes this next week. We are so very anxious to have our little girl home where she belongs forever and ever and ever (on this side of Heaven).
Please, please, please pray for her, for the govt to finish the things that need to get done so we can go get her, and for the Treanors family hearts. Each day gets harder to walk through lately. We definately need more of His strength, peace, and joy right now.
Thank you.....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still Waiting

Yes we are still waiting. We have no travel arrangements still so we continue to just wait. Wait for 2 simple things... 1 have a paper signed and 2 have a court date assigned. This is just crazy that we are still waiting but we walk in faith that our Father is in contol and He knows what's best for ALL of us....

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a Weekend We Hade!!!!!

WOOOOOOOWWWWW did we have an incredible weekend with some incredible girls. If any of you didn't know this past weekend was Show Hope's (previously known as Shaohannah's Hope)fundraising dinner. With this special weekend comes many activities, along with the dinner night, and also many out of town visitors. This year we got to be the recipient of several guests. I can tell you that at several times through out the extended weekend we had up 14 people in our home. For those who don't know it makes it a little cramped but cozey due to the fact that we live in 1,950 sq. ft. of space.

The whole weekend couldn't have played out any better except for the fact that the lady that has loved, prayed for, and introduced these kids to many of us was unable to be a part of every gathering. To you Sammye I say sorry again for not planning better for your involvement. I also say thank you soooooooo much for living out God's word to so many of us. Eric and I will ALWAYS be indited to you for introducing us to our future adoptive daughter.

At the beginning of this weekend I was sad that our WenDan (Alicia) wasn't home yet to be part of this reunion. By the end of the weekend I was grateful that God gave Eric and I this weekend without her. It was a weekend for celebration and reunited with loved ones, for some. To Eric and I it was a weekend of great education to show us what we are in store for when we bring our girl home....to play and interact with 3 incredible children of God...and to bear witness to a piece of God's Glory.

Thank you Jesus for loving the Treanor family so much that you make every piece of this tapestry so beautiful.

Here is a glimpse of these wonderfully talented, kindhearted, silly acting, blessings from God girls....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today's Excitement

After a rough day of nothing going right including waiting at a doctor's office for almost 2 hours, without being seen, the day just kept getting better. Just a quick background. Eric and I have been repainting and redoing rooms, in the house, since we can't get it sold. We figured if we have to stay here we should go ahead and make some nice, fresh changes/improvements. For the last several weeks we have been working our tails off and have almost come to the end of the work. Eric thought maybe we should drag this process of constantly working out a little longer...I guess?? Check out the new look Eric thought our freshly painted kitchen needed....

For you guys that haven't know us the whole time we have lived in this house, this would be the third time a foot has gone through the kitchen ceiling. First by the previous owners, next by me, and now by my poor hubby. Man does our ceiling look bad. You see, we have textured ceilings so when you try to re texture just one area it doesn't match the rest of the ceiling...it looks pretty bad up there, oh well.

Visas Have Arrived

This week our passports returned to us safely with our Visa stamps. The kids came running inside shooting the UPS guy is here come on lets go take pictures with him. So we did just that... Eric, Cecilia, and Konrad took a picture with the same UPS man that delivered our LOA document. I was so glad to see it was the same man. He is a patient man and is good at obliging me with my craziness of trying to take pictures of everyone and everything.

God bless the UPS man...

Happy Halloween

Saturday was a great day celebrating Halloween with the kidos. Konrad was Anachen Skywalker...

See if you can guess who Cecilia was this year (hint...she's not a hippy chick).

We did our best to make her look like Alicia. All I have to say is she really chose a challenging costume this year.

Later that night Konrad seem to show some jealousy over Cecilia's costume... tell me what you think, yes or no?

We all had a great time trunk and treating at our church. This year Grace Chapel went all out...we had air jumpy things and an awesome band for even more entertainment. No I didn't take any pictures of my kids hanging off the bungy jumping because once again this mother dropped the ball and didn't take any...

Any HEEEHHOOOO not much else to report on our Chinese Princess. Still waiting for the magical phone call from our agency with our travel arrangements (TA). We are hoping that this call comes this week. :) :) :)