Tuesday, November 24, 2009

China Bound

I can only say a few words at this point because we are busy, busy with many things to get done because we are going to China!!!!!!!!!!! We are leaving in 13 days so no time to elaborate right now. Just know that the Treanor family is getting an ultimate Christmas gift this year..... WAAAAHHHOOOO!!!! Off to run errands....see YA!!!


Amy said...

Just needed to throw out a big HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!

Kurt and Kayla said...

I just stumbled on your blog today. We have 6 kids. We adopted a 12 yr old and 4 yr old from Ethiopia last year. Now that we feel more "settled", I keep being drawn to older Asian girls. I frequent the photolists but you are the fist blog I have seen with someone adopting an older chinese girl. I can't wait to follow your return home. How did you find her originally? What agency did you work with? I know youa re crazy busy getting ready but I'd love to talk with you.

Tisra said...

Hooray! We only met once at Grace and haven't been back since Dorothy has been home- but I wanted to say PRAISE GOD!!!! God's vision is becoming your reality!!!! May you have grace, peace, energy, wisdom, connection, and overflowing LOVE!

home with Dorothy since 10-27