Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Night With Great Friends

Hello All....
Nothing new to report on our princess coming home...still waiting for the magical awaited phone call.

I can report though that we (the Treanor Fam) had a wonderful evening with two wonderful friends that have met, played with, and loved on our little Chinese Princess. Man do I love how God just sends such perfect and sweet blessings to help get us through this waiting time. These two ladies are by far the bestest and most funnest (lovely english aahh?) girlies to eat Asian food with and of course topping it off with treats at Starbucks is like adding whip cream and a cherry on the whole evening. One of these ladies (Catherine)informed us of a dream that she had about Alicia. In this dream Alicia expressed her happiness about her new parents knowing God. Isn't that cool? Catherine also said that in her dream she saw on our blog that the date September 11th was on our list of important dates....Hmmmmmm.... now wondering is that the day that we get our magical phone call? Hmmmmmm... well I guess we will have to wait and see....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Still Waiting

Well I know it has been a long time since I last posted. Things have been quite kaotic and crazy around our house lately. I have been trying to get all things together for my kids to start their home school days. We are finally getting some days under our belt...our feet a little wet. I feel a little overwhelmed right now but I know that God will see us ALL through this year with great success achieved on the other side.

As for our any updates on "Bringing Home our Princess" everything is still the same...just waiting still. Waiting and waiting and then when were done waiting some more. The Lord will deliver that next call from our agency on the perfect day, at the sweetest moment He could create for all of us involved until that day..... we will keep waiting, praying, and preparing for that phone call. Will you please join in with us in prayer for her soon arrival.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More paperwork

Well here we go again... a new stack of paperwork has come in for us to sign, have notarized, fingerprint with our blood, and send back to them with our first born enclosed. Ha, Ha,Ha. Just when you think that you have told them everything and signed every paper comes a new stack, a new set of questions, or in some cases the same forms that you filled out several times but now you have to do it while standing on your head with one arm extended out at a 90* angle and petting your kitty while singing "I Will Survive....I Will Survive, HEE, HEE!!!"
What one will do in the name of love has been a HUGE lesson for Eric and I both these last months now. We both would walk through fire for this girl...oops I should be careful what I say because that could be the next thing they ask of us. Well off I go to see if I can figure out how to fill out these Visa forms.

Monday, August 10, 2009

WE DID IT!!!!!!!

WAAAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!WE DID IT......YEEEESSSSSS!!! We just got an update from LifeSong for Orphans and I can now officially post that we have met all of our matching grant. YYAAAAAYYYY!! A HUGE, GINORMOUS, MONSTER BIG thank you to all of you that contributed. We are a blessed family surrounded by many that love and support us. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the entire Treanor family. We all are not only overwhelmed by all the generosity shown to us but also extremely humbled.
May the Lord bless you all greatly!!!
The Treanor Family

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Family Needs Prayer

We have a family (the Woods) at our church that is adopting from the same orphanage. They have been anxiously working at adopting two boys that aren't blood brothers but in their hearts are tried and true brothers. These boys really want to stay together but the Woods have been told that they can only adopt one of the boys. The family is struggling with this but I know they aren't giving up this fight to bring the both of them home to their home. Please pray for God to melt the mountains that are in the way of making this family complete, to give the Woods great strength to keep fighting, and that they have great peace and understanding through these days.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ask Him and You Shall Recieve

This title rings so true to us this week. We have RECEIVED abundantly this week from Him. Yesterday we recieved a letter from Show Hope awarding us a $4000 grant. And if that's not enough we had 2 $500 donations to our LifeSong for Orphans matching grant which leaves us only $300 shy of reaching our $4000 goal. So if you add all this up we have gone from $4000 total last week to $12,000 total this week (only $3000 left) Praise You, Praise You, Praise You Jesus!!!!!! for such a beautiful blessing. To all of you that have helped us get to this point we say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! from the bottom of our hearts. Your love and devotion to Bringing Home of Princess means so very much to our WHOLE family....may the Lord Bless you all ABUNDANTLEY!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We are in Print

This week our adoption was featured on the City of Franklin website. Click on site below to read the article.

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