Sunday, December 13, 2009

From Suzie

at this time we are having boundary and discipline issues going on so I really can't take time to post information or pictures. i will take a moment to just tell everyone that yesterday (saturday) was her medical examination day. all went well with her exams but she had A LOT of attitude with me yesterday.

unfortunately today hasn't been much better when it comes to her attitude with me. we had several bad situations that finally came to a head. eric FINALLY had a long discussion with her and explained to her that all these things are not going to continue. we will see how things go from now on.

we did go out today with the wacap group to a jewelry store. eric and i bought several items for the girls to give to them on their wedding day. i don't want to go into detail in fear that cecilia will read this and all will be spoiled.

for now i must go. we are having computer issues so eric and i are trying not to be on here too much. alicia is wanting to contact her friends at the orphanage all the time and we are not in favor of this. we believe that for now the ties need to be broken so that she will bond with her forever family in a long time healthy manner.

we long to be home and are counting the days til we are back in america...6 and counting eagerly.


Jean said...

Hi Suzie-
I have been thinking of you all day but was unable to commentt! We brought our daughter home one year ago. She is delightful but challenging! We had many challenging times while in China- boundary issues, etc...

I remember a veteran parent saying to me- just get home as soon as you can with everybody as happy as they can be! It is much easier to work on things once they are home!

We spent Thanksgiving in China sitting on the floor eating cold rice while blocking the door so our 8 yr old daughter didn't run away! She was mad at me because I ran out of money and she couldn't ride the horsey at the grocery store any more- know I am a very mean Mom! Then she went to everyone in our group and held their hand and asked for money... I had to go up to everyone of them and say... please don't hold my new daughters hand, she is just learning about family... and you are NOT her family. Yes, it was embarrassing.

So - pray... for yourselves! I do it all the time! and for your daughter!! keep the faith! She will be delightful! But you do have a daughter who is resilient- that is how she survived all this time!!

This is an incredible journey and I would love to help you any way I can!

Feel free to e-mail me!!

God Bless you!
Mom to Sarah (9) and Anna(3). (and 5 older bio kids)
In June I will be Mom to Emma (8) and Ellie(7)

Tracy said...

Praying for you Susie! Welcome home!

Rochelle Ray said...

Hey Suzie,
We've been praying for you all and we
re so glad that you are home! Also, if you need someone to talk to, I am here! I would love to talk with you, I've been around LOT'S of little orphan girls...
God bless!

Tracy said...

Thinking of your sweet family this Christmas Eve and praying you have a family Christmas like never before! Praying PEACE, JOY and LOVE for you all! Can't wait to meet Alicia!

Kurt and Kayla said...

I just posted on your daughter's blog. I hope what I wrote can bring some encouragement to both of you.